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Friday, 3 April 2015

What If 9/11 Wasn't About Terrorists At All?

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We've all heard the conspiracy theories concerning the motives behind the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. They range from an inside job by the government, done in order to instigate a war with the Middle East, to the deliberate destruction of the towers by the owner done in order to make a massive insurance claim. Both of these theories deserve consideration, as they are just examples of scenarios which have taken place in the past. I mean, we all know the government lies, and insurance fraud is nothing new. But what if it's neither of those theories. What if the destruction of the towers was a red herring that killed not two birds, but three with one stone? Allow me to explain. 

For the first bird, for those that have never studied the art of war, wars are fought for two reasons only--POWER and WEALTH. They are NEVER fought for freedom and democracy. That's a smoke screen used to manipulate the masses by those in control. They don't care about your freedom or democracy. All they care about is manipulating the masses to the point where they will willingly do their bidding--no matter how heinous their bidding may be.  Now, those in power not only want to control us, they also want to control the G.O.D. of the Middle East (gold, oil and drugs). In order to do so, they ply us with propaganda justifying their warmongering, because they can't just order soldiers to risk their lives on a battle field to fill their wallets--people would be marching in the streets. So they have to create a 'legitimate' reason for war. 'Legitimate' my ass...  The Tonkin Incident which helped instigate the Vietnam War is one of the most famous false flags, and others can be viewed here.

For the second bird, let's examine the possible motive of the lease holder of the World Trad Center, Larry Silverstein.  Now. he is a successful businessman in his own right, which may be why he was able to make such a considerable profit on the blood of the victims of 9/11. Good business man have to be ruthless after all--or so the propaganda tells us. When the owners of the World Trade Centre--The Port Authority--put the buildings up for lease in 2000, Silverstein won those contracts for a mere 3.2 billion. A little more than a year later, those buildings were destroyed in one of the worst disasters on American soil. In 2007, when his insurance claim was settled, he walked away with 4.5 billion and change. Not bad...  He made a massive profit and goes down in history as a 'victim' of terrorism.

For the third bird--what if neither of those scenarios is the real reason for the 9/11 disaster. What if the destruction of the towers was a false flag event used to kill a group of powerful individuals in the Word Trade Center itself? What if these people had plans to change the world that would destroy the current oligarchy and put the power back in the hands of the people, and because of this, they needed to be destroyed?  This is the premise of my novel 'A Gift From the Gods', and the prologue can be viewed here.  Chapter summaries and excerpts will follow.

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