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Friday, 20 March 2015

Crop Circles--Planks and a Rope, or Something Else Entirely

Julia Set below Stonehenge


 I've always found crop circles to be fascinating.  If they were created by man, why would they bother to create such intricate patterns, and how did they do it without anyone noticing?

Before I knew anything about crop circles, I had already written the outline for my novel. It is set for the most part in England, and this is where the majority of crop circles can be found. Coincidence? I don't know...  The main character's name is Alison, which also, coincidentally, means 'Son of All', 'Of Holy Fame' or 'Of the Noble One'.  I didn't know that either until after I had chosen the name, and then for some reason I decided to look up the meaning.  When I found out, it gave me goosebumps. If you read the novel, you'll find out why.

In my novel, crop circles instigate the plot line, and during my research into the phenomena, I discovered some interesting facts about them. In crop circles created by human pranksters, the stalks are broken and crushed by people stomping on them with boards attached to a rope handle. They use a stake with a piece of rope attached to measure 'circles' and ellipses and sometimes use surveying tools to create other design elements. The circles are also created at night to avoid detection. Julia Set, the crop circle at the right is believed to be a genuine crop circle. It was created in broad daylight across the highway from Stonehenge with people--including security guards--around 24/7. Witnesses claim they saw a 'mist' above the field during the time it was said to be made. Furthermore, a pilot had flown over the field that day and saw nothing, but when he returned 45 minutes later, he saw this circle formation. As a pragmatist, I always consider both sides of an argument, however, considering the elaborate designs of many crop circles and the fact that experiments using humans to recreate these elaborate designs have all resulted in mistakes being made over long periods of time (days), it leads me to believe something else might be responsible. But what?

 In what the experts deem to be 'authentic' crop circles, the plants are bent at the nodes and are not destroyed.  They believe this to be caused by a type of microwave radiation. Radiation has also been detected in many circles, which supports this theory. Circles have also been created in canola fields (although I have never heard of one in my native Alberta--which is FILLED with canola fields) and this is significant because canola is much like celery. If canola is bent at more than a 45 degree angle, it breaks. In crop circles--even ones created in canola fields--the stalks are bent at a 90 degree angle. No scientist, or botanist has been able to explain how this happens in the canola fields, and no human crop circle maker has been able to duplicate it. Quite often, the stalks in crop circles are also laid  out in geometric patterns on the ground, which is something difficult to do in short periods of time. Balls of light have also been seen before the discovery of many crop circles--so what are they, and where do they come from? Some claim they might be robot drones--earthly or extraterrestrial--but until we know the facts, we'll never know for sure.

So why doesn't the media jump all over this stuff? As I mentioned in my earlier post--the media outlets are controlled, and some information they do not want the public to realize. Luckily for them, humans tend to fall into the 'herd mentality' and the persistent attempts at debunking crop circles by the media has successfully influenced the herd to believe that crop circles are fake. Psychology has shown that if you repeat something often enough, many people will believe it to be true, even though  it has been proven to be false. That statement, however, brings up another topic--religion--but that can wait for another post....:) Happy Solar Eclipse Day!

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