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Monday, 12 October 2015

Chemtrails--conspiracy theory or not?

GTA October 12, 2015 Chemtrails?
Lately, I've noticed a change in the skies where I live, and it's not pretty. Parallel lines of white fluff intersecting in the sky makes me wonder just what our governments are up to now. I mean, most of are now aware of so many of the mind/body altering experiments the government has inflicted upon us that were labelled as 'conspiracy theories' when they were first brought forth. Conspiracy theories that just happened to be true. Is this one of those?
 Remember MK Ultra, the  CIA experiment that used various drugs such as LSD and other mind-altering techniques  to determine whether they could be used as truth serums or maybe coax Russians to defect? Or perhaps you recall the 'Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male', where for 40 years, the U.S. Public Health Service allowed hundreds of poor black men from rural Alabama to suffer from untreated syphilis, simply to observe whether the disease affects blacks differently than whites--without telling them what they had or that it could be treated! Both of these were labeled conspiracy theories, and both turned out to be true.
Now we know the government already poisons our vaccines with mercury and thimersol, our water with fluoride and our soil with glyphosates--so why not our air too!
Forget pollution from jet exhaust--that's nothing compared to what's up there that we don't know about--that eventually makes its way into our lungs and bloodstreams.  Our air is being poisoned with everything from barium (as toxic as arsenic) to desiccated blood--and why? (See the study here. )
Obviously, they don't want us to be too healthy--in mind or body. Between mind altering drugs that trigger (please excuse the pun) young people to go on killing rampages and mind numbing television that glorifies violence, indiscriminate sex and whatever one can get away with--they've got it under control. That, my friends, is ironic. Because, you see, the more chaos in our society--they more control they have. The more chaos we have, the less interest we pay to those that manipulate our strings. 
Coincidentally, this is the premise for the book I wrote, 'A Gift From the Gods'. No, there are no mention of chemtrails, but there is a lot about those that manipulate how humanity lives.

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